Just your simple entry level gaming PC. A buddy got me looking into building a PC and this is what I ended up with... and it is actually reasonably powerful! I have a total of around $850-$950 in total... More updates and upgrades to come! Please excuse picture quality... and my dusty desk!! The Fist Upgrades I am going to get is more and faster RAM and a larger PSU. Then a better GPU (maybe a 1070) and a better CPU cooler to allow for some overclocking!

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  • 26 months ago
  • 2 points

you might have to get a new power supply with that supports more watts of power, highly recommend it if you get a gtx 1070. you could have problems if you stress you system as it is now lol your right on the edge with that one. nice build overall, awesome cable management. I would have gone with one hard drive though and a bigger ssd, maybe 256 gigabytes using the saved cash from the extra hard drive.

  • 26 months ago
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Not a great way to spend your money... 1. M.2 is not for entry level PC builders. 2. Why so much different storage? 3. 1 2 TB hard drive and one 256 GB SSD would've been sufficient. 4. Without that M.2 you could've easily gotten a GTX 1070 (Strix recommended). 5. There are better power supplies for that price. 6. I recommend a strix GPU and mobo combo B350 if you have a tight budget Other wise great build :)