The original Dell XPS pre-built gaming PC from 2011 was never maintained by the owner. It had insane dust, mild tar/stickiness, and spilt drink buildup. I know the owner and the original setup had CrossfireTM configuration with Radeon HD 6870's. The top slotted GPU got killed by spilt drinkRIP. The PSU blew and the build was being given away or tossed to the curb. Now this PC has the noble cause of being a bookkeeping and accounting rig for my mom's business. I have the pleasure of using it too as I help out at the office occasionally (Accounting and Finance Major). It will mostly be used for Excel spreadsheets and light web browsing.

The Fatal1ty 990FX motherboard and Vengeance RAM are overkill for overall purpose of this build. An odd choice of CPU is the FX-4170, but I guess that's how Dell sold it back in the day. I was pondering selling the parts but for my purposes it will be reliable for a very long time, if not slightly overkill. It's nice to have kind of an upgrade path to an FX-8370 once they become very cheap (as they should be). I plan to convert the entire storage setup to Solid State as well.

I tore everything apart and cleaned it to the bone. Tossed the case, PSU and CPU cooler. Bought the Fractal Design case for its semi-professional look and affordable price. The cooler was a no-brainer. I recently built my first real rig; The Build I and decided to donate my EVGA G3 to the cause because it's very reliable and fits the entire spec sheet quite nicely for business purposes. Of course, I picked-up a Seasonic Focus+ 850W as a replacement for my PC because ... must upgrade.

I could not be happier with the end result. Everything is running very smooth, cool and whisper quiet. +1's appreciated :)


Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Pros: Performance per dollar // Cons: Aethestics


Looks great. Solid build.

Bios layout is good considering the year of production, but Asus has remained on top in the bios dept.


Pros: Value! // Cons: Tricky cable management

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  • 25 months ago
  • 3 points

Loved to see a system restored and re-purposed. A +1 from me.

  • 3 months ago
  • 2 points

I am a bit surprised you didn't mount the SSD behind the tray. Still, looks clean and nice to see a old system given new life.

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