Hello everybody! Thanks for looking at my latest build!

This build is replacing my previous build based on Z97 with a 4690K that I completed in May 2015. I wanted to mostly upgrade to the latest chipset and processor to take advantage of DDR4 memory and higher core counts and hyper threading. I mostly use this computer for work and managing my movie collections. With a family and kids and working I unfortunately don't have a lot of time for gaming. However, depending on the prices, I may upgrade to the 11 series of cards whenever they come out.

My previous build was a Mini-ITX build that I loved but I wanted something different this time around. I am 100% happy with how this build came out.

Any parts listed as 0.00 I purchased prior to building this computer.

Part Reviews


Amazing CPU! Couldn't be happier with the gaming performance and performance in handbrake! Cinebench score 1437 out of the box with no overclock!

CPU Cooler

Awesome CPU Cooler. I love the integrated fan header between the hoses on the radiator. Makes for a super clean build. Only one cable to connect to the motherboard. Very quiet and high performing!


Very clean color-neutral motherboard! I have been using ASRock for all my computer builds and have never had a problem. Amazing overclocking potential! Also space for 3 M.2 drives a plus.


Awesome memory! I love the RGB! Easily reached 3200 MHz with only applying the XMP profile! No problems at all.


Awesome case! Very easy to build in! I really like the cable management features built in as well as the smart device! Definately think its worth the price! I also like that it comes with a vertical GPU mount if I so desire to use it in the future. I love the built in RGB strips (2). They provide a subtle lighting for the interior. Not too bright. One is a flexible strip behind the cable shroud and the other is a hard strip attached to the top of the case.


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Where do you get your RAM?

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I bought it from Newegg on June 7th.

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Whats the temps in there?

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This RAM model isn't written at motherboard's QVL list at asrock site.Did you face any problems?

  • 18 months ago
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No. No problems. I was initially worried when I was buying it but the XMP profile was recognized and it's running at the rated speed. Havent tried overclocking anything yet.

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