I've been waiting for quite some time to build me a real PC, after using a not bad but not good either laptop for about 3 and half years. I was torn between the Ryzen5 3600 and the (more expensive) Intel Core i7 9700k. I finally went for the i7 because I kinda want to overclock it, and the bragging rights a 5GHz octocore processor gives are far superior than the ones you get with Ryzen CPUs :')

I got the parts over the course of a month and a half, got a few ok deals, but nothing crazy. Took advantage of Black Friday deals too. Got everything new but the PSU, snagged a good deal on that lightly used EVGA one, thanks to a buddy.

The build went smoothly, nothing major happened, it all went great. The Meshify S2 is an awesome case with a lot of room and easy cable management. I still have a few things I can make better imo, like that GPU sag to fix. I also have to figure out the whole lighting thing, and so far Gigabyte's softwares are a pain to use… It requires one for the mobo and another for the GPU… and it's not willing to work properly….

I'm planning on using that build mainly for gaming, and for daily stuff. Maybe a bit of streaming but that was not at all the main idea when doing the parts list.

I've messed a bit with the fan ramps of the GPU and CPU, my "daily use" ramps make the GPU idle at around 29-30°C with the OC. I never really saw it go above 54°C under "real" load, and 81°C during synthetic benchmarks. Same goes for the CPU. It idles at around 26-27°C, with a pretty "conservative"/cool fans ramp. I need to push it a bit to see if I can manage to keep it Under 70°C (secret useless goal serving no purpose, but why not ? xD) I'll try to overclock it later in the year.

I don't have a "real" monitor yet, and no good keyboard either. Hoping to get a 27" 1440p 100+Hz IPS panel and a K70 keyboard sometimes in Jan-Feb2020. Going to use a 49'' 4K TV I got in the mean time...

All costs listed here are in France and including shipping costs when there were some.

More pics to come at a later point, when I'll have a full set up.

Some benchmarks, will update with the scores and temps :

  • Cinebench R20, 16dec19 : stock CPU, 3200MHz RAM, 3676pts, 56°C max.
  • Cinebench R15, 16dec19, same setup : 1506cb, 55°C max.
  • FireStrike no OC, 16dec19 : 20 550pts
  • Time Spy no OC at all, 16dec19 : 10 013pts
  • FireStrike, 20dec19, OC on the GPU (1900MHz, 17 000MHz) : 21 339pts
  • Time Spy, 20dec19, OC on the GPU (+55MHz on core, making it 1 900MHz ; +1498MHz on mem., making it 17 000MHz) : 11 242pts, hit 81°C. Seems to be pretty stable.

I'm currently running it with the CPU as it is (no OC) and the 1900Mhz core/17 000MHz memory OC on the GPU. It runs 2°C hotter at idle than before OC.

My upgrade path is not yet determined, even if I already have a few ideas…. and I'm now broke, and got more than enough power with this one, so I got time before upgrades… but in the future I'm already thinking about a 250GB/500GB M.2 NVMe SSD for the OS and some apps, a 2TB+ HDD, some neat custom cables, a custom loop one day… maybe some other fans, maybe some RGB stuff, maybe a 2nd GPU… who knows what could happen if I won the lottery ? XD

Part Reviews


A beast, completely overkill for me, but that's ok. I'm going to try to OC that baby to 5GHz all cores. Should be doable.

CPU Cooler

not that difficult to install. I recommend watching BeQuiet!'s video on how to do it on YouTube, it was very helpful for me. Be careful it's a big boi though ; RAM/Cooler clearance is about 1/10th of a millimeter with those G.Skill Trident Z.


Very nice motherboard, very solid. Only downside to me is the software to choose the color of the few RGB neds is a bit old looking and not really precise.


look very nice, do what they have to do. Clearance with the cooler is about 1/10th of a mm with the BeQuiet! Dark Rock Pro 4, when in A2/B2 channels. I'm pretty sure it'd be impossible to put it in A1/B1 and not hit the ventirad.


so small and yet so fast !! boot times are incredibly short. I'm amazed.

Video Card

looks good, seems to be performing well. Only issue is the drivers that were a pain to find, and the LED software that doesn't seem to want to work... whatever light pattern I put it on, it accepts it for a few mins, and then it's back to a steady orange. That's it. A bit of GPU sag bc it's a heavy boi. OC isn't complicated and when you go for pretty hard fan ramps it doesn't heat up much. But when fans are spinning you start to hear it and wonder when the jet is going to take off... lol


beautiful case, lot of airflow, easy to build in, good built in tools for the cable management. Comes with 3 140mm 3pin fans that make a lot of wind but a bit of noise to. The price to pay for max airflow I suppose. I'll swap them for PWM fans when I'll have won the lottery ;)

Power Supply

Not much to say. Looks very clean, easy to install in. The cables are ok looking and there's plenty of them.

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Very nice, I've never really understood why some nice builds like this go uncommented. +1

  • 5 months ago
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thanks :) I still need to take more (and less bad) pictures though.