I use this build for 1080p gaming, and productivity apps, primarily the adobe suite (premiere, photoshop, audition, illustrator, and after effects). It's a thing of beauty as well. I have both the RGB on the AIO and graphics card set to static colors, even though I have other options, and the mobo has a beautiful breathing pattern as well. In the matte black s340 elite case, the whole thing just looks absolutely stunning!

It handles both gaming and productivity really well, which is a balance that I would expect from approximately a $1500 build.

Great experience so far, I haven't run into any problems and it booted up first time without any issues whatsoever. I guess I probably got lucky!

Only complaint possibly is that it has its loud moments. Definitely not the MOST silent of builds, but I think it's about average noise levels, and it doesn't really bother me at all. Mostly just audible fan noise, probably from the huge corsair AIO, but it has great airflow and I don't have any thermal issues. Honestly, the fans can make a racket when it first starts up and shuts down, but after that the sound really levels out and isn't an issue.

Originally, I had used my hard drive as a boot drive for my OS, and really this happened on accident when I was installing windows. However, I used the samsung migration software to migrate my OS to my SSD, and one trip to the bios later I altered the boot order to boot from the SSD. Aside from navigating the bios for the first time I got it all squared away and it boots like a charm now! Password screen is up in about 5 seconds after I turn the system on. It's amazing! Not only that, but with ample space on my 250gb SSD I have plenty of room left over for all of my productivity apps and several games. All of my adobe suite apps boot up in sub 5 seconds as well. Would definitely recommend an SSD, especially for a build of this price range, but really for anyone! It's a great quality of life boost, and really improves the whole user experience when you have practically instant access to everything.

I have literally no complaints about this build, in fact it's one of the greatest things I've ever done. Hopefully a build like this will last me several years. The only thing I really look forward to upgrading in the future is maybe a more powerful graphics card, but probably not anytime soon.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Kind of noisy, but at the end of the day it keeps my CPU really REALLY cool. If you are considering this AIO, it's really only noisy for a couple of seconds during boot up and shut down. Once the fans come up to speed the noise levels really level out, and unless you're going for a purely silent build then it probably won't bother you 99% of the time during use. It's not a problem for me personally.

The RGB lighting on the logo is really cool. It wasn't working for me for a while, then I updated the software and it started working. It's really cool to choose whatever color you want the logo to be.

Just a note, this AIO is HUGE. Take that into account when making your case selection. It barely fit into my s340 elite, but it did fit. It's fine with me. I'd honestly rather it be a snug fit than a loose one. That being my personal preference, this fit perfectly, if not a little tight.


Honestly a beautiful motherboard. I really like the pulsing RGB and the silver heat sinks and accents. One of if not the MOST beautiful B350 mobos out there right now. Has all the things I needed for a pretty affordable price, plus the aesthetics to boot! Supplies four additional rear facing usb ports which is great, honestly more than most people will have use for. Overclocking friendly, and really affordable as opposed to some other boards you can get for overclocking Ryzen.


Great ram, but I paid so much for the faster speed. It has only gotten more ridiculously expensive since I bought this kit. Probably won't be upgrading to 32gb in my system until this price goes down, which who knows when that will be... Great ram though. Just expensive. Honestly you probably don't need ram this fast, but I heard that Ryzen absolutely LOVES faster ram speeds so I went for it. Good looking ram, though subtle with the black color. If I buy more of this ram in the future I will probably pay a few bucks more for the silver plated varient. Mostly because I think it would look cool to have black and silver ram alternating in my system, and I'm a sucker for aesthetics.


An affordable and worthwhile addition to any build. Really part of the benefit of going with Samsung is the software. I had accidentally put my OS on my HDD at first, but it was easy to migrate it over to my SSD with the Samsung migration software. Computer boots up in about 5 seconds which is amazing. Plus plenty of room for my creative apps which all boot up in about 5 seconds as well (photoshop, premiere, after effects, audition, etc). If you have the extra money, this SSD is absolutely worth it. Even after putting all my creative apps onto it, there is still plenty of room for several games! 250gb is more than enough space for most people, you will probably be surprised how much you can fit on it, and everything on it boots up like a charm!


2TB is a lot of space for such an affordable price. It's a rather quick HDD so you aren't compromising much, but I would recommend an SSD for OS and software you want to be snappy. This is great for mass storage, and I haven't had any issues. It can make audible sounds when you put things onto it, but my computer making sounds occasionally has never bothered me. It's not like it's a constant sound or anything. Just a little meep every once in a while so you know it's alive!

Video Card

Really good graphics card if you can even find one as one the beginning of 2018. I built my system a few months ago, but I'm just getting to this review because I haven't really tried running many games until a couple weeks ago. In terms of 1080p, which is all I'm really interested in trying, it runs great! The fans on the card don't even start spinning until you boot up a game of some kind, which is a luxury you don't see on many 1060 cards. I was getting insane fps in Overwatch, which is probably the most graphics intensive game I plan on playing, though I'm sure it would handle even more graphics heavy games considering the fps I was getting even at higher settings... If RGB is a thing you like, this card is very pretty. The AURA software is easy to install and very easy to use. I usually just leave my card at a static color of my preference, but there are options to have it breathe a specific color, flash a specific color, and do a rainbow color wave. You can also set it to respond to music, and also to monitor the temperature of the card itself. Overall, it's a great card especially if you are lucky to find it at an affordable price.


Beautiful, dare I say mature and understated, case. Love the design of this case, and unlike some more expensive options the front panel has ample space at the top and bottom to draw cool air in. Barely fits my 280mm AIO mounted at the front, but it DOES fit. Tempered glass side panel is easy to remove and.... PRETTY. Overall just feels very quality to me, so good job NZXT! The cable routing on the back of panel is pretty beginner proof as they provide plastic cable straps, so just grabbing a bunch of cords randomly and strapping them down actually yields a surprisingly good looking result. A beginner friendly case that provides a mature and experienced aesthetic. I also enjoyed the front facing SSD mount. With such a great tempered glass side panel it's cool that they maximized the aesthetic use of it. I'm a sucker for aesthetics and this case presses all of my buttons.

Power Supply

Really solid power supply! It's way more than I needed for the total wattage of my build, but that's usually a good thing and will make it easier in the future to upgrade and not have to pick up another power supply. The 80+ Gold certification is nice, so you know it's powering everything very efficiently. Fully modular is also nice. I've never built using a semi-modular power supply, but I know now that I never want to. I was always told at the outset of my build that one thing you don't want to skimp on is the power supply, and I really think this one is a premium "no corners cut" option. Spend a little bit more on a supply that's more than your system needs and you shouldn't run into any problems, plus you can upgrade your parts in the future! I would say this psu is a good blend of quality, performance, and affordability.


So happy with this monitor. Got it on sale for $139.99, and that's a great deal considering it's going for around $200 currently. IPS panel delivers great color quality and viewing angles out of the box, with further options to make adjustments. I can literally be looking at this thing from practically a 90 degree angle and still make out what's on the screen. Tilt is pretty good on this monitor, but it does not swivel or move up and down. It's also not compatible with vesa mounting so take that as you will. One thing a lot of people criticize is the stand, which personally I have found no problems with. It's a "good enough" stand, clearly it could be better but I've had no issues with my monitor swaying or wobbling during normal use. 27" is a great size. Larger than you probably think, it's great for productivity and everything on it just looks BEAUTIFUL! Plus with only a 4ms response time, this monitor is practically gamer friendly. Surely you can find more gamer friendly monitors with higher refresh rates and lower response times, but this monitor is great for gaming if your primary concern is a large IPS monitor for productivity with the secondary purpose of light to moderate 1080p gaming. Additionally it came with no dead pixels, but your luck in this regard may vary.


Affordable mechanical keyboard! What more can I say? The switches are SUPER clicky and tactile. I had no dead switches out of the box, but I guess I will see how well this product ages over time. Personally, I LOVE the sound and feel of the switches, but your family/roommates might not so that's just a warning. It's very loud. The intensity of the back lighting is adjustable right from the keyboard, but the color stays red all the time or you can turn it off. I'm fine with the red. Overall great quality so far for such an affordable price. If you're a membrane keyboard user this is a great and affordable entry level mechanical one!


Pretty great quality considering this is a sub $15 dollar mouse! All the buttons are pretty sturdy and tactile. I noticed that the back side button is sometimes TOO tactile. I will occasionally accidentally page backwards because I will move my mouse right and my thumb will press it accidently, and since it's almost too tactile this sometimes happens simply because I move the mouse to the right. This is definitely a tiny issue though. The mouse feels pretty great in the hand, and again it has a great build quality for being so cheap. Several features of this mouse feel quality. Braided cable, rubberized grip texture on the top, and the fact that it comes with additional weights that are removable. Personally, I like a heavy mouse so I keep them all in. Finally, I wouldn't buy this if you hate the red/black gamer aesthetic, but it's fine with me. A side note is that I've noticed a lot of people saying that the lights don't turn off when they turn their system off. I haven't had a problem with that at all. Both this mouse, and my redragon vara keyboard will darken when I turn my system off. Maybe I just got lucky, but that's a non-issue for me.


Really good mouse pad. Some people have a problem with receiving the product rolled, and having problems with it not flattening out completely as a result. I will say my product came with a slight curve on one of the short edges, but flattened out nicely over time, especially since I keep my mechanical keyboard that's on the heavy side pretty far to the left. Overall the surface is really smooth (the mouse slides around on it very easily, but my keyboard doesn't which are both good things), the braided edges feel really premium and haven't frayed even after a few months of use, and I really like the amount of space it affords me to work with. Great for gaming as you can keep your keyboard further to the left, and then you have TONS of mouse movement space. Very happy with this product for the amount I picked it up for. It probably spoiled me, I don't think I could ever switch to using a smaller mouse pad now.


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Does the RAM run @3200?

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Nope. The max I can get it is 2933... It's first gen ryzen though. If you're running Intel or second gen ryzen I'm sure you would be fine.