I use this computer for gaming at ultra settings for titles like CSGO, PUBG, Fortnite, Planetside 2, and Apex Legends. It works really well for a budget system. Keep in mind that all of the parts that are $0.00 I already owned before doing this build.

Part Reviews


-Works well for a budget CPU and got it at Microcenter for 79.99 -3.2GHz is pretty slow for a CPU, but it is a budget CPU, so I can't complain


Bios are a bit tricky, but the overall build quality is nice, and the RGB lights are flashy.


Had some trouble clocking it to 3200 MHz, but it might have just been my bios.


A little bit slow for a M.2 drive, but it is still faster than a SATA drive.


Works well, loud like any hard drive.

Video Card

Runs 70+ FPs on ultra settings of all my favorite games.


Case can get a bit hot, but otherwise, it looks nice with the RGB fans and the PSU shroud.

Power Supply

Good and cheap, but some of the stickers on mine are applied upside down

Operating System

Its windows


Nice feel, and nice RGB lights.


I actually prefer this above more expensive mice for some reason, it just feels great.


They work well. Nice sound quality and they are comfortable.


Not the best RGB strips ever, but they are great for a budget build.


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AMD Budget Build

Price: $840

Yep, this is an expensive hobby lol

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I built a PC that's almost excavation the same and it's been amazing. Budgets builds like these really get you a lot and I hope you enjoy it. Have you tried overclocking? You should be able to easily get at least 3.6GHz on stock cooler and it performs wonderfully

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I like the use of the term 'excavation' in this comment

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Yah it’s pretty good at digging stuff

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No I have not tried overclocking, that is a good idea to boost it!