This build was primarily for mid-high end gaming while sticking to a budget. I thought about an i5 in the beginning, but decided on a i7 because deep in mind, I wanted to do a bit of streaming, so those extra threads came in handy. Normally, this would price between $850-$950 if you can live without the Wi-Fi card, CPU cooler fan, extra case fans (case came with two), opted out a cheaper OS and one less pack of memory. But I feel more comfortable posting my whole complete build, rather than show you the meat and potatoes that make this beast, but I'll make sure to mark the extras and optional pieces that really aren't needed for this build. After building this, I was a bit nervous, since this was my first build, but it turned out okay, thanks to the help from friends and you guys ( I asked a ****-ton of questions, so thanks with putting up with me). The only problem I had was the the installation of the GPU card. I had a tad bit of trouble installing it, but I went full potato and realized the notches at the end was not suppose to overlap the tabs. After realizing my mistake bent the one of the grills of the GPU and little bit of my soul died, but succeeded. Once I plugged in my HDMI to my TV to MOBO... nothing. My hands were heavy, knees weak, palms were sweaty. I was worried I screwed up my build. I tend to sweat alot when under pressure or really focused on not f%$#ing up on a project, so rags were an arms distance away. But after a few tries and actually "installing" the damn thing, I got it up and running. I was supposed to hear a click after installing the card, which to be honest, is really stupid. I get worried easily, and sometimes have ****** strength occur at the most delicate of times, and since there is hollow space between the board and case, you bet your *** that i was scared shitless of snapping the board in half or loosening a component. But after hearing the click, the screen logo appeared and sighed in relief. After downloading the drivers and changing the ratio on the GPU (1336 x 663), I was pleased on how it ended up looking and proceeded with downloading some dank games to test it's limit and so far, every game I've thrown at it up to Fallout 4, no-hiccups on Ultra. Will do more tests on mods though, and will do a benchmark test later, so will update as soon as I receive results. Photos will be posted in a bit...

Part Reviews


It was either this or an i5 4690. I had some extra shekels to spare so I manage to convince myself that this was a better alternative for my motives in this build. You can't argue with that extra 0.2GHz that gives your PC an extra boost. The multiple threads will come in handy for games that make use of that feature and also streaming and recording. If you consider on what you'll be doing on your PC, then this chip shall be sufficient enough.

CPU Cooler

A good upgrade from your stock cooler.


Lemme just get this outta the way; THE IO SHIELD IS THE MOST GIMPIEST AND MOST FRUSTRATING THING TO LOOK AT! I mean, everything else is fine, but my god, the plate is just cringe worthy! Never have I thought PC building would hurt me mentally and PHYSICALLY! The f%$#ing thing sliced my finger for f%$#'s sake! Almost blinded me when I was clipping the tabs off the little $#it. Could they at least make it look appealing? No. I can safely take off the bloody thing, go to a recycling plant, and the guy would say, "Ay kid, thanks for ye bloody contribution to this dying earth. Here is nickel. Go buy some candy or $#it. I don't give a damn anymore...", because it really looks that plain. No paint. Just plate with minute engravings. But overall, solid MOBO with all the features it comes with. Just, mind the shield... nobody ever expects the shield...


There was a sale at my work, so I took the opportunity to grab a pair and knock a part off my list. Got it for $30. I was happy and so was my wallet.


Can't decide on whether getting a regular hard drive with a crap-ton of space for low cost, but wanna have the speed of an SSD. Judging by the way I'm announcing it, you can tell that this SSHD is your solution. Sure, it may not be as fast as regular SSD, but it's slightly faster than a HDD. It has the feature of putting the file, program, or OS you often use, and put it on the flash portion of the drive itself. So booting up your computer is fast and easy. And you can't beat that price! Of course, if want more TB, you get a bigger portion of flash, but at a price mind you...

Video Card

After seeing the reviews and the positivity of this card, I was a bit skeptical. I've read both positive and negatives on it, but most of the negatives were on the delivery service and packaging. Some seemed like they didn't know what they were doing. After a debate with myself, I finally made the choice, and I gotta say, this card is a champ! You wanna play any game at 1080p? You wanna see your waifu in pure HD glory? Can't get enough demon-cyborg guts on your screen? Do you just wanna stop reading this f***ing review? GET. THIS. CARD! Amazing specs at a price this low, you are gonna wish you bought two.


I wanted something basic and at the same time, functionally decent. This is alright for people who want the best in both worlds of aesthetics and functionality. It even has a side window to show your console-playing friends how much of a **** you are. NEAT! It has two 5.25' drive bays, so you have those options. 3 HDD bays for all your dank memes and games, and a bonus two 2.5' drive bays, so SSD organizing is a breeze. 7 places to apply case fans, if you wanna play some heavy games but you wanna keep the inside frosty. 2 USB 3.0 headers for a quick plug-in plug-out functionality and a mic and audio jack for those moments when the meme is just to dank that it might trigger someone near by. All in all, a great case for those who just happen to be a noob in PC building.

Power Supply

So far, this was the first thing I bought for my build. (Won't be doing that mistake again. The thought of getting the wrong PSU was unbearable to think about when I complete my build.) Overall. pretty quiet, but was concerned when I realized after installing the power, the exhaust fan is pointing up, towards my GPU, so I might get heat blasted at my GPU, I tried turning it upside down, but something in my mind was telling me that it didn't look right. Seeing that the case is by the same manufacturer, I assume they must have designed all their cases with the brick fan pointing up, with the outlet on the frame's outline. Will deduct for case and PSU design. But overall a solid PSU for any starter.

Optical Drive

Totally optional, but totally functional.

Operating System

Got it for Direct X 11.5. But will probably get a touchscreen monitor for the one feature that everybody doesn't even use. Yeah, I bet some of you didn't even know that you can ping with the touchscreen, huh? Try it. You'll like that feature.

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  • 47 months ago
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Hey I'm planning to do a similar build. So what did you do in the end? How did you workout the psu problem?

  • 40 months ago
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Turned out that was the minimum i needed, but will upgrade to 650-750watt for a 1060 series card.

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