Overview - why a new build was needed. I came from an Intel Q9300 overclocked system with an XFX 5870. I was needing a new video card to handle gaming/videos with two 1080 IPS monitors, especially Fortnite recently, and along with my 4k TV. My other hardware specs were great, but to get the most out of a new video card, it would be best to build a new system all together. In short, nothing was wrong with my old system (built in 2008/09 finalized upgrades).

Case - Corsair 570x Black I have a Cooler Master HAF932, which helped me decide on my next case. I wanted something with adjustable lights (I know the fans are replaceable, etc.) and see through, but a full glass case was too hard to pass up. I considered the mirror black case, but wasn't sure how well that would look in terms of reflection being just right.

CPU - Intel 8700k I'm not a huge fan of AMD processors, but I like their performance. I was debating between the 8700 and 8700k version. I wanted the ability to overclock down the road, so after long research, I went with the 8700k and couldn't be happier.

Motherboard - Gigabyte z370 This is an expensive motherboard for what you get, and I do agree there are cheaper ones for possibly better performance, but I have had good luck before with Gigabyte brands and what this board brought to the table is outstanding in terms of lighting and features for overall functionality. The bios has quite a lot to adjust.

Memory - G.Skill DDR4 I have had great luck with G.Skill memory in the past and was debating between the 3200 vs 3000 of this model. Since I was going with a RGB themed case/components, I went with the RGB model from G.Skill.

Video Card - Gigabyte GTX 1080 I was torn between getting a 1060, but for $150 more, I could get a 1080 and it is worth it. This thing mostly runs silent unless I am running under load and the Fan Stop feature is nice.

Overall I am impressed with this build. I went a little overboard with some components (1080 vs 1060, 8700k vs 8700, M.2 vs SSD/HDD), but wanted to make sure it could withstand 4k/Virtual Reality in the coming years without needing to upgrade anything. The M.2 SSD is fast and definitely worth it. I considered getting the WD Black version, but already had an existing SATA Evo drive from Samsung. I am keeping most things stock in terms of overclocking and BIOS, with the exception of custom lighting. It is pretty quiet and can hardly hear the fans, which is surprising given how cool this stays in temperature.

Important note(s)! Corsair - H100i v2, you will have to set the fan speed to full in bios for the Corsair kit to work properly.

Yes, in the pictures, the case still has the film over the glass while I was moving / building the pc.


  • Coffee Lake
  • 1080
  • Corsair
  • Gigabyte
  • Cool `n Quiet
  • Great build

Part Reviews


This thing is a beast. It handles anything I through at it (stock), including games and 4k video editing.

Video Card

This is a great card. Fan Stop is nice and this card handles 4k video editing and games on the highest setting. Granted this isn't a Ti edition, but for the price/performance ratio, this is worth it.


This case is great. I was worried at first being all glass, but this has proved to be better than expected (doesn't get too dirty/finger prints, etc. It is nice being able to see inside the case on all sides and the RGB lighting this provides, along with the buttons on top, work out very well.

I don't exactly like how/where the drives for HDD/SSD are, but at least they are hidden as long as the right side is against something. However, the cable management in this case makes it easy to route/hide cables.


This keyboard was on sale and works out pretty well. I was looking for an RGB keyboard with programmable keys/functions. Logitech Arx is pretty cool as well, although you don't need this keyboard exactly for Arx, the dock (non-charging) is pretty handy to have.

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