Well... Hello guys, this is my first post in this comunity so i'm sorry if there's lot of mistake. I started build this pc is about 3 years ago with low budget that i've got at that time. First I save money to buy mobo, then cpu and ram, and for other parts such as hdd i got it from my father's old pc, Monitor i got it from my little brother, for case i bought it really cheap from shop near my house, lastly I just bought 1050ti from galax about couple of months ago. I feel really exited building this pc especially at cable management part which got me slap my own face lol. For performance I quite sattisfied for this budget build, I have no trouble playing game such Pes 2017, Cod black ops II, Project Cars, and Dota 2, those are games that I play. Curently I'm making custom backplate for my gpu, when I'm done I'will show you. I only showing few picture but soon I'll show more. That's it for today, sorry for my bad english and thanks. Edit: Now I have finished my custom backplate for my gtx 1050ti. I'm very satisfy with the result, I chose static blue led to match my white blue color scheme. Well... Ok then thats it for now, thanks to pcp comunity to publish my work. Right now i'm saving some money to build next machine, wish me luck guys.

Part Reviews


Good apu for budget, do its purpose nothing to comlaint.

CPU Cooler

I know it's not Neccessary to pair it my apu but it did a great job which keep my apu cool.


I'love this board and I love everythings about asrock, has everythings I need, good solid board and most of all it has very easy use bios.


It's a ram and do it's job, I got preety god kit which can handle 2133 MHz without a problem. But when I got another pair it can't even hit 1866 MHz speed, I think I got bad silicon lotery.


Well.. Its a western digital every body know what its capable off.

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Looks like a fun project. +1'd

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Yes indeed, I spent lot of time to takecare of those cable though.

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