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The Green Thing!

by shabe



Date Built

Feb. 23, 2014

CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

33.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Temperature While Idle

35.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

80.0° C


This has been my first build in quite some time. The last PC that I built was a AMD Athlon XP, and boy, it's been quite a change. I'll say that the most intimidating part of the build was placing the processor in its socket. I rather have a CPU with pins than the other way around.

The only minor inconvenience that I had with this build was with my motherboard. Had to send it back to Amazon for a refund because they didn't have in stock. One of the fan headers was damaged and the fan connected to it would only run at a fixed speed of about 700 RPM. I got the new mobo from Microcenter. No problems from there.

Some notes about the case: It is not so hard to work as some people seem to think. Also, it seems that they revised the power supply cage and removed the two SSD mounts that were available there against the HDD removable cages (check out Linus review). I installed my SSD right below the HDD cages so that I had two spaces for 3.5" HDD. The Fans on top are feeding air inside the case, same thing for the frontal fan. All the air is then blown via the radiator or the GPU card.
UPDATE: The SSD mounts are there, they just revised the solid piece to add a hole to better route the wiring if you are not using them.

On the GPU Card: This card is a OEM reference GPU that BestBuy sells. The quality is superb, after all it is build by nVidia and comes with some pretty cool stickers and some free games. Sadly, I already had the games.

It's been a good experience so far. I know that my display is crappy, but is going to have make do for now. LOL, I know that I am going to get some heat about Windows 8, but it was a free licence!!

Update #1 (June 2014):

The plastic front is too restrictive, I changed it for the black mesh with the silver trim. I painted the silver trim using the Liquidtex Vivid Lime Green spray. The results are amazing, the pain matches the case color very closely. I also painted the Corsair fans rims, the hard drive bay top and the hard drive caddys.

I also changed the previous Cooler Master Seidon 120M cpu cooler for a H100i. Also, replaced the fans on the H100i with SP120's. The radiator have the Bitfenix Spectre Pro's on top, and the SP120's after the radiator. All fans are being controlled by the motherboard.

Also added some illumination using the Bitfenix Alchemy LED strips. Two on the bottom at the PSU cage and HDD cage. One on top on the left and another on top on the right of the case.

I am really happy with the result of using the front mesh, instead of the solid plastic front. Also, it matches the same style of the top vents.

Let me know what you guys think!

Thanks to all the PCPartPicker community and to /r/buildapc for all the support!

Update #2 (July 2014):

Sold the 4770k and replaced it with a 4790k. Motherboard compatibility was good. No issues so far, system has been running since Friday non-stop.

In the case of the Maximus Impact VI, you need to update the BIOS with the Windows update tool included in BIOS package 1504 (1504 BIOS Download Link) (The one marked as Beta Version). If you update using the BIOS EZ Update software, it will not recognize the processor. Then you can update to the latest BIOS, as of now, the 1505).
UPDATE: Go to Asus website and use the latest updater that has the processor update tool.

Remember, you need to update your BIOS before installing the new processor. If you don't update, you will get a CPU_FAIL error.

Update #3 (August 2014)

I sleeved the power supply cables. I used paracord that I bought from Hobby Lobby.

It was a pretty painstaking process but at the end I got the results that I wanted. I didn't have to use heatshrink for the connectors. When melting the paracord (if done correctly) it will fuse with the connector pin and with the wire insulation, ensuring a good tension on the paracord. Measuring correctly is paramount! I ended up wasting at good chunk at the beginning. However, it was so cheap that it didn't matter.

I used the short wire set that I bought for the power supply and separated each of the cables that needed to be sleeved. I didn't do the SATA cables because they will be out of sight. The method that I used for extracting the pins from the connectors was to use two staples together for each side.

UPDATE: Get a pin extractor. It is a ***** to do the staples trick.

Let me know what you think!

Update #4 (May, 2016)

Somewhere along the way I reverted the cooler back to the Seidon. I prefer all the air exhausting through the back of the enclosure and through the graphics card and having fresh air from all other intakes. I am using only one of the SP120's for the exhaust (no push-pull). System still running like a champ, will upgrade to a GTX 1080, and a couple of 1 TB SSD's soon. Also added cable combs, did some cable management and added a Corsair Dominators (16 Gb) kit.

Regarding the part picker, the part list has been updated, alongside pictures. I removed some parts that are not important/fully related to the build to get a clearer picture on the price of the actual build.

Shout out to the guys at UPC for the cable combs and the pin extractor tool.


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8gxe 1 Build 3 points 44 months ago

I'll... I'll take the games...!

Very nice build and well thought out management!

Horse 2 points 44 months ago

But.. but I wanted the games :(

multi-iostream 1 Build 2 points 44 months ago

i personally like windows 8 +1

shabe submitter 1 Build 1 point 44 months ago

Thanks! Me too, and it was free, so I like it way more.

Mariomash 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

how did you get the windows 8 for free? :0 nice build though, hoping for this case, CM elite 130 or corsair graphite 380t

shabe submitter 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

My college had an agreement for DreamSpark with Microsoft... I just requested a CD key.

Mariomash 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

Oh, u could've made ur account XD, that's how I got my key, are u able to get windows 10 thru this windows?

shabe submitter 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

Yeap, already installed via update but I think that I will do a clean install soon. I've been having some issues with programs freezing after resuming from stand-by.

Rakirs 1 Build 2 points 44 months ago

This.. (sniffle) this is beautiful.. (sniffle)

Zlatin 2 Builds 2 points 36 months ago

I stumbled upon this beauty when looking for a custom front panel for my prodigy. This is pretty much exactly what I wanted my build to look like :D.

shabe submitter 1 Build 1 point 36 months ago


Zlatin 2 Builds 1 point 30 months ago

Airflow question: Did you find that having your top fans blow in, rather than out, enhanced airflow? I've got my 2 top 120s pushing out, with a single 230 up front pulling in and a 140 in back pushing out.

M3RICA_ 2 points 34 months ago

It's very...


+1 for the Stock 770.

shabe submitter 1 Build 1 point 34 months ago


M3RICA_ 1 point 34 months ago

Do you think that going for a 970 would impact performance enough to justify the cost? And also, there are currently quite a few stock Nvidia 970's on best buy for only $10 more than an EVGA or Asus alt. It's just a suggestion, but I love this build. :3

shabe submitter 1 Build 1 point 34 months ago

If you can afford it, you should always go with the latest gen. Not so much for the performance, but for the power consumption and heat dissipation. At least that's my opinion. Trust me, the blower style cooler is the way to go in this kind of build.

xx116xx 3 Builds 1 point 44 months ago

I take it you like the color green... nice build +1

shabe submitter 1 Build 2 points 44 months ago

Needs more green!

zlogs 1 Build 1 point 44 months ago

I sold my games when they had the winter bundle for nvidia cards for about $60 in all on ebay from my 770 so you might want to try that. Nice prodigy build, definitely packing a lot of power! Put that 4770k to good use :'), it really is a beast of a cpu compared to the 4670k if you know how to utilize it. Also, how do you like the speakers? I've been looking for a cheap set with a sub woofer but id like your personal preference of them. Also, I don't know if we think the same way, but I am all for the reference design 770-Titan cards. The metal shroud just looks so good in a windowed case, especially the prodigy.

Edit: Did not mean to come across as your speakers are cheap, they definitely aren't! I ask because i may try and go for the set you have instead of 2 creative labs studio speakers.

shabe submitter 1 Build 2 points 44 months ago

I thought the same thing about the GPU and the reference cooler. Regarding the speakers, I really like mine, specially because they have a variety of inputs including two optical. The bass is loud some times but you can adjust it, the same goes to the surround channels. I know that logitech have another model 2.1 which is also THX certified that runs for about 140$. Creative used to be really good, but I don't know now.

Thanks for the idea on the games!

Josh_Grundon 1 point 44 months ago

Absolutely love the 770 in the side panel, DAT COOLER THO drools Overall, a very nice, clean build :) +1

zoinkmen 1 Build 1 point 44 months ago

i like how the gpu is in the window cool colors too

tore.mihror 1 point 44 months ago

Nice color scheme, awsome case! +1

jdm12983 2 Builds 1 point 44 months ago

Nice build; and good color scheme.

MangoMonster 1 Build 1 point 44 months ago

Nice build man! How's that CPU cooler holding up for you? Have you done any more experimental overclocking? +1 :)

shabe submitter 1 Build 1 point 44 months ago

This is the first time that I have worked with watercooling. I must say that it is working pretty good. Right know, I have it clocked at 4.1 GHz and usually is at 30 - 35 under no load, like browsing or iTunes. I used Intel Burn Test and on high stress usually goes to 70 - 75 and then goes down quickly to 40. I would say that is working fine.

Haven't been able to hit nothing more than 4.4 GHz, it is too unstable.

plgdg 1 Build 1 point 44 months ago

Why is the 230mm fan crooked?

shabe submitter 1 Build 1 point 44 months ago

Improved airflow? lol didn't notice that it was crooked. It is fixed now! Thanks.

plgdg 1 Build 1 point 44 months ago

Haha good answer ;)

Randude14 3 Builds 1 point 44 months ago

Nice build. I'm personally a big fan of Windows 8. Some people are just afraid of change. Also I'll take those games off your hands :D

80Bit 1 point 44 months ago

Love it.

impulse2010 2 Builds 1 point 41 months ago

What kind of desk?

shabe submitter 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

It's from ikea. Part no. 298.369.76

jrizy 1 point 36 months ago

did you have to sand off the silver before painting it?

shabe submitter 1 Build 1 point 36 months ago

I didn't do it because I was lazy. They looked good even if I didn't do it.

jrizy 1 point 36 months ago

so did you have to sand off teh silver or did you just paint right over it? and did you get the brush paint / marker / or actual aresol paint?

shabe submitter 1 Build 1 point 36 months ago

Actual aerosol paint, the spray is listed on my build parts. No sanding. I just put like 3 coats on the silver ring. Used some painters tape with some old papers to keep the other areas unpainted. You can also use a transparent coat spray at the end to make it glossy. No issues with the paint chipping out so far, so I would say that it is good.

jrizy 1 point 35 months ago

ty for the response and when you mean 3 coats spray dry and rinse and repeat or just go over it 3 times

shabe submitter 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

Spray, dry and repeat.

damdam 1 point 35 months ago

Hey, I have almost identical build in the same green prodigy. My evga gtx 770 acx cooler editio gets super hot while gaming cuz of that side window! How did you solve the issue? Did adding more fans help the problem cuz I'm thinking of drilling holes through the window side panel to give airflow to the gpu.

shabe submitter 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago


No issues with heat here. I guess that must be the blower style cooler. It runs steady at 80 C with almost no fan noise during full gaming load. Your problem must be the type of cooler on your card. How are your case fans configured? exhausting or pushing cold air inside?

damdam 1 point 35 months ago

I think youre right, the acx cooler doesnt get enough air as it is so close to the window side panel. I have a 230mm intake in the front, a 120mm on top (single), a corsair h60 on top with two 120mm fans push-pull configuration and a last 120mm fan as exhaust. There is plenty of airflow but the window is killing it:) I think Ill have to drill holes in the window

[comment deleted]