Cpu Ryzen 3 1300x Great cheap chip upgraded to a 1700x might as well make some cash off it

Cpu Cooler Ryzen Stealth Cooler not bad keeps it below 50c at load @3.8ghz

Ram 8gb Basic ***** Green Samsung DDR4 @2666mhz it works gets the job done

Mobo Biostar TB 350 BC Old refurb mining mobo I got for cheap it works gets the job done

Storage Sandisk Z400 120gb SSD Came out of my old dead laptop/1tb Segate 7200RPM Drive Ebay special/WDC 320gb Just a drive I had laying around

Gpu Saphire Nitro 8gb RX 470 Got this from a miner last summer it was mined with for 2 years a slight underclock, undervolitng and a semi aggressive fan curve makes this a very usable card well below safe temps

Case DIYPC - DIY-BG01 Fantastic case didn't expect this from rose will

PSU EVGA - BR 500 W 80+ Good Cheap Reliable PSU

OS Win 10 Pro

Fans x3 Crappy Rosewill 120mm Molex Fans they work x1 Crappy Blue LED fan it works and looks cool

Destiny 2,1080p,Medium H- 83 A- 65 L- 61

Sniper Elite 4,1080p,Medium H - 112 A - 109 L - 99

Witcher 3,1080p,Medium H - 93 A - 85 L - 80

Metro Redux,1080p,High H - 121 A - 110 L - 100

Fortnite,1080,Epic H - 60 A - 60 L - 57

Warthunder,1080p,High H - 102 A - 95 L - 82

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  • 15 months ago
  • 2 points

Gateway mouse-pad. Nice!

  • 13 months ago
  • 1 point

Solid build.

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