Decided to save up and finally pulled the trigger on making my own build! Before I was using a a gaming laptop (since it fit my lifestyle better) and just gradually accumulated the peripherals (the keyboards, mic, mice, and webcam) over time so eventually I did the research to give them a better home.

Building was filled was anxiety but after 2 months of continuous use, it's still performing great- it chews through basically any game on highest settings... except for Minecraft, for whatever reason.


  • 3 months ago
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Nice. Seems like a very reasonable build that should keep your machine competitive for several years. That said, I was surprised to see your total price end up at more than $2400. Those peripherals added up quick, but it makes sense if you accumulated them over time.

  • 2 months ago
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Thank you for the comment! I'm definitely hoping it'll serve me well for at least as long as my laptops have, plus it'll be easier to upgrade. As for that total cost, yeah I got curious and decided to throw in all the peripherals I bought/won just to see how everything stacked up.