Decided to downsize my build again (it was from a Metallic Gear Neo ITX).

Everything went smoothly overall but I wish I had custom cables. I was leery on the FSP Dagger but I keep hearing it's fine (plus my overclock is still rock solid). Honestly I chose the Nouvolo Steck because it was the most cost effective SFF case that I liked and would house my components with a 240mm aio. The case arrived quickly, I even ordered on a holiday weekend.

Overall the quality is fine, there is better out there BUT it's better than any similarly priced/less expensive SFF case that I've seen. Temps are great with the vented panel on my GTX 1080 and I'm still able to run it at full overclock under 68C (that's my worst case 1440p 144hz scenarios). CPU temps are also great and it actually runs cooler than my last 2 cases (with a 280mm aio and much more cooling going on).


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Clean ASF, and nice setup!

  • 3 days ago
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Excellent job. I just recently became aware of the Steck from an Optimum Tech video on YouTube. Nice case.