Fast new computers for work. All parts working well together.

The Meshify C windowless cases are nice to work on, if petite. Decent looking. I can see it would be tough if you had large hands and this cooler.

Only install the intended OS drive at first, leave others out until after windows install.

Boots from the 970 Pro without any BIOS update.

Massive cooler is nice and comes with an invaluable magnetic screwdriver.

Massive storage. The Adata is good sequential but not random, came with a heatsink sticker. Could have skipped the SATA HD. There is another M2 slot as well.

Massive memory, could run virtual machines.

Nice motherboard. Dual LAN, all 8 fan headers are PWM. USB 3.1 and Type C. Wireless we don't need. This might be the most useful item for others that have a 8700K running hot at stock:

The two motherboards ran at different voltages, had to use different VCore Offsets (-30, -15) and one liked the VCore Compensation taken off Auto and set to 4. Prime95 with smallest EFTs (4K) was running them at 90C max temp before but now 72C!

Added one fan in front for positive pressure, may add more in the summer.

Might get some more 140 MM fans for the summer.

The video card is low power, does not require a cord, only powers 2 monitors. We only do 2D.

Note for rebates you can only do one normally.

------------------------------ Long version blow by blow ----------------------------------

Time to get two new developer boxes, had to do it today and could not wait for Ryzen 3 etc. Sorry! pics on Monday, you seen it all before though.

Coming off a long run on AMD 8350 8-core and hoping to get 50+% more performance out of this rig. Most of what we do is single-threaded. We went with the 8700K because it's already pretty expensive but good performance. The 9900K was also attractive I have to say.

We got one expensive and one cheap 1 TB NVME drives. Samsung 970 Pro and the ADATA XPG SX8200.

I went with the Asrock Taichi ATX motherboard because of the three M2 slots. We are running two NVME drives, the video card, and a SATA WD spinny drive which I would be glad to skip. I believe we got one more SATA before we max out our PCIE lanes. IIRC the 8700K has more PCIE lanes than 8700 non-K. The board looks like good quality, easy nice layout with headers on the edge. The caps you can see look fine but I am not an expert. It has all 8 fan headers PWM and good monitoring and control. I was able to turn off the LEDs, although they are not that noticable with this Meshify C windowless case, and that pleased my co-worker. BIOS is good, and booted from NVME without updates. We did not get the extra warranties on that or anything. It has USB3.1 in the back, one Type C, as well as 2 RJ45 because it has dual NICs. They say you can double your cables for 2x speed or whatnot: "Dual 10/100/1000Mbps" I may end up getting the Asrock TPM add-on chips for bitlockering our drives. Mini-server at that point. Note I had to configure the OC Tweaks > Voltage Config > VCore Negative offset on both units so they would run cool. One of them also needed VCore Compensation taken off of Auto and changed to 4 IIRC so they would end up displaying similar voltages and running Prime95 4K torture test at max 72C.

I was an idiot and was thinking we could get 2 rebates on these two PSU units but it is limited to 1 per buyer. At least Seasonic is normally good for their posted wattage, hope that is true for this model but we shall see. I am only at 370 according to this site.

The case is very nice, lots of open air front, back, top, and bottom. I put the PSU upside down as people seem to recommend now, sucking in through the floor holes. Avoid shag carpet. I then ignored it for case air pressure estimates. I did not check that the fan is rated for upside-down operation.

The only wrinkle on using this mobo along with our Meshify C cases is that the case hole nearest the right-angle USB3 header is just a bit too high so you cannot use the right-angle header and must instead wrap the cord around and plug in to the other one next to it which is perpendicular to the board. So the plug and one more cord besides the big main power cable contribute a bit to blocking airflow to the RAM. If it was not for work I would definitely mod it with a dremel and cover the cut edge with slit black drip line. No big.

The case has fantastic cable routing, there is a removable plate behind the motherboard for attaching SSDs, and there is a 3.5 cage up front which you can slide back a bit if you need to get 360 mm of fans up front. I jammed all the spare modular cables between the PSU and the drive cage and could not move it back any. I'll probably got back and throw out the 4x molex one to relieve pressure.

Aiming for a slight over-pressure to help keep out dust. More or bigger fans blowing in than out. I currently have the provided case fans where they were front and back, and added only the 120 SilentWings fan in front. The SilentWings 3 fans are good, easy mount. It is noticeably quieter than the provided fans, which are quite nice 3 pin fans that are not very loud either. Since then I have ordered 2 more SilentWings 140s and I will put them in the front, move the SW120 to the top, and leave the orig case fan in the back. If that still does not work, depending how much more it needs, I'll get one or two more 140s, possibly high speed and put the low speed on top.

On the second one, I put in the SSDs and their heatsink stickers before the CPU or video card. Much easier. The Taichi NVME heatsink-bar has a backer on it too, don't miss it. They have tiny fiddly screws. I used the cooler's magnetic screwdriver to at least pick them up but the driver I had for them was not magnetic and it made it frustrating a tiny bit.

The Dark Rock Pro 4 is a massive cooler rated at 250 W so hopefully we will be OK. Put in your RAM first, clearance on my Corsair Vengeance LPX was OK but not That good. My co-worker was laughing at the gigantic size of the cooler in the smallish case. I am considering adding a support leg like people have for their XXL video cards. I advise you to open it first and use the awesome magnetic screwdriver included for most everything. I found the install pretty easy. I made a quick run to CVS for some 91% rubbing alcohol and used that and an optical cloth to clean off the die. Also cleaned off the heatsink base after removing the plastic. I checked out a video of a guy applying paste, still doing it the same way. I should have practiced with the provided thermal paste because I feel like maybe a better application on the second one. Only connect the 970 in until windows is finished installing so it goes on there.

Video card we got the 560 instead because no power cord and we only do 2D, two 1080 monitors. We should have got it while it was $80.

Everything is up and running, nice cushy parts. I still have to stress test them and bench vs our old computers. Thanks Boss you are The Man!

Update I never had two of the exact same setup before but running Prime95 one is warmer than the other by a good bit so I may pop it out and re-do the heatsink fan install. The cool one tops out around 72 with the 2 provided Fractal fans and one extra 120 mm BeQuiet fan. I was using the Asrock A-Tuning software to mess around with the fan speeds. Since we may get warmer temps around the office later I might get some more fans, probably silentwings3 140 high-speed PWM.

You can't do multiple rebates so we lost a bit there.

Part Reviews


4.3 GHz when all 6 + 6 cores running Prime95.

CPU Cooler

Nice and huge! Useful magnetic screwdriver.


Dual LAN, USB 3.1 and Type C, RGB, all 8 fan headers are 4 pin PWM. Seems like quality. The two ran the 8700K quite hot at stock speeds, had to adjust VCore a bit different for each.


Decent drive, affordable. I really got this for a storage drive to replace the SATA drive, but random r/w is better spec that I thought when making the purchase.


Expensive good drive for OS, DB.

Video Card

No power cord, only powers 2 monitors.


Sweet case with very nice width, filters, and cable management options. Smallish but room for radiators.

Power Supply

I put it in upside down, sucking through the floor holes, as seems popular. Nice unit.

Case Fan

Very quiet, even quieter than the nice included 3 pin Fractal case fans. I want to get 2 x 140 in front, 1 X 140 on top blowing out, and move this to replace the Fractal fan in the rear hole.

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  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

how does the Video card work, and how many frames do you get?

  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

Sorry i dont really know. The video cards we only picked the cheapest somewhat current one. They are fine for 2d office stuff and videos but I have not tried any games. They get all power from the slot, no extra power cable. The 570 is supposedly much better and was only about 25 more dollars. Save your money at least for a 570.