Here lies my everything pc. It can play nearly any game at 1920x1080 60fps and if I had a 4k monitor it could do 4k over 50 fps. It's mostly stable even when overclocked to 5Ghz. It can do some wicked math calculations though with 2 AMD Gpus. Biggest regret was not having good cable management the first time around.

Part Reviews


Lasted 4 years so far. Honestly has never given me any problems and refuses to quit. I've kept mine water cooled and it can easily overclock to 5Ghz. Honestly the best bang for your buck, any day of the week.

CPU Cooler

I was scared of AIO's as so many people tell me they fail constantly. It's been 4 years. It's lasted just as long as the cpu has. And it keeps everything under 75C when at 5Ghz. at the normal 4.2 clock, nothing goes over 60C until you push AAA title games to 4k Ultra settings. And even then it maxes around 65C. Surprisingly this thing is a tank.


This mobo has been with me as long as the CPU and it honestly is just perfect for this build. Biggest flaw though is it doesn't have m.2 slots...


These worked great up until recently. I've been playing lots of heavy ram usage games though that have probably been eating these alive. Still work and function great. Just not gonna be as fast as DDR4 and I fear they're starting to lose memory blocks.


Works perfect. I use it to run the OS all on this drive alone. Keeps everything smooth while my pc struggles to load massive files from my monster 3TB main storage drive.


While this absolute UNIT of a hard drive (for its day in 2015), it does suffer from bad loading times when you attempt to load large games off of it. I've regularly experienced extremely slow response from my computer (cursor updating only once per second, discord audio becoming absolute just blips) but that slowness goes away after 5-10 seconds and then she keeps chugging along just fine. I don't see any reason to hate this hard drive unless that small buffer time really annoys you.

Video Card

Perfect. I literately have 2 in my pc and together they are even with a EVGA-1080 card.


What a monster. Just be careful not to scratch it. Also cable management is gonna suck for you as there is basically no backspace and there's no undercarriage. But if you have the patience to get it right, this is a cheap and ample sized case for you.

Power Supply

Perfect. Zero complaints. No noise issues. Even acts as a very short UPS. I've had my lights flicker from brownouts while my pc STAYED ON. That says something. This is hands down an amazing unit.

Optical Drive

Idk what you want from me... It's an internal dvd drive. What more?

Operating System

Don't buy it from Microsoft for the $100+ fee. Go buy it elsewhere. But otherwise a very smooth and easy to understand interface.

Case Fan

Dude these things are so quiet. It's just the tiniest little air noise coming from them and my entire case vents all of it's heat. Very necessary for water cooling builds.


Meh. It gets the job done but I'd replace if I had more money.


Stellar. Been using it forever, no lines, no tearing, no artifacts, no issues, sound quality is trash but why are you buying a monitor for sound?


Been great and I've relied on this for years. Only issue I've started to notice is every once in a while my space bar will double type when I only press it once.


Can I give it ten stars? Only downside is that your roomates will hear what you hear. But tbh it could be a positive. It sounds so freaking good and its COMFY. I absolutely loathe those terrible on ear headphones and they bother my face but these have never once made me uncomfortable. I just wish I had a better method to clean the foam.


If you have 2 different monitors that aren't resting at the same level, BUY THIS. It solves so much frustration. Plus you can keep your cables neat :) Just be careful as if you pull your monitors too far forwards they can become unstable and fall forward.


Wonderful. Been lighting up my pc case for years. They don't get hot, (the most mild of warmth) and they produce a good amount of light. Wiring is difficult but I may just be dumb.


Meh. I need to replace this but I'm too poor.


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1080p60 with those crossfired 380s is a completely different beast than 4k. There simply isn't enough VRAM available, and those cards just aren't powerful enough for that resolution on anything but the most basic or outdated games. The worst part though is just lack of multi-GPU support in current games, in some games now adding a second card can actually reduce your framerates.

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