This is my first custom built PC. I named it Blink in reference to the wonderful blinking RGB from the Phanteks P400 case.

CASE: In the case itself, I decided to go with an i5-8500 processor. I wanted to go with the i5-8600K at first, but knew I would never overclock, and so I found the i5-8500 on sale for 175.

PROCESSOR: The processor with it is an MSI B360 gaming plus, the red accents and 88 dollar sale was worth every penny.

SSD & HDD: The hard drive and ssd were basic choice; Western Digital and Samsung are both excellent brands. I highly suggest Samsung 850/860 EVO + for fast boot speed.

MEMORY: The memory was basic Patriot Viper 2400 Dual Channel, nothing overkill.

GRAPHICS CARD: I got a GTX 1050 Ti on sale for 150 dollars. Originally, I was going to go with the 1050. I looked at youtube videos on comparisons, and decided the 1050 Ti was worth the extra buck. I waited patiently and was able to get one of these bad boys on sale from ebay.

In general, this whole list and all of its parts I got on sale. The website and BuildaPCSales on reddit are very helpful!

Hope this helps any future builders!


In order to track the GPU temp, I used MSI Afterburner. Averaged 25-32 on idle. 50-60 overload with games.

Part Reviews


So far an excellent processor. The 6 cores were worth it. Runs tabs, games, and windows with no hassle.


Love the Red accents. Fits perfectly with my case.


Performs just like any memory should. Nice color and simple sleek design.


Boots Windows rapidly. I highly recommend. The price is a little high, but the performance is worth it.


No issues within the first week. Will update if anything changes. My last PC had major clicking sounds, but this one is so far quiet. A good purchase.

Video Card

BEAST. Got on sale for 150.


Beautiful RGB coloring. Slick design. Fan level, RGB & Reset button very useful. Very nice for Phanteks to provide a box not only with some cables, but an RGB strip aswell. Made my PC all the more colorful.

Power Supply

It performs well and for any budget builder is probably your best choice, Corsair dominates the cooler game. Four stars because of the cable length. Had to cut a small hole at the case shroud in order to weave the PCIe cable to the Video Card. A few SETA cables also became really tight.


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One thing to point out is that whenever Caison and I built the PC, we had to do slight surgery on the white shroud for the power supply for the case, that way the pci E cable could reach the motherboard. This may not apply to any of you, but it is something to keep in mind.

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thanks icarax, very cool!

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