I'm 17 and this is my first PC build ever, before this I had multiple laptops and an old 2008 mac pro. I have always wanted to build a computer, but have never had the money, I finally got a job this year, and was able to achieve my dream.

I started off not knowing much about graphics cards, which I spent most of my research time on, but I knew my mac pro didn't have enough VRAM to play the games I wanted. I also had no clue AMD even made graphics cards, so I googled the newest NVIDA GPUS, I eventually found the GTX 1060 and looked it up on Youtube, and saw it being compared to the RX 480. I initially had decided on the EVGA 1060 SC 6GB, and felt fairly sure of my decision, but something still didn't feel right, so I kept watching videos. After about 40 hours on youtube over the course of 3 or so weeks, I settled on the RX 480 for a few reasons. Two more gigabytes of VRAM over the 1060, crossfire, and freesync monitors being cheaper due to open source. DX12 performance was also a point of interest.

I picked the RAM and the motherboard because they were on sale at the time I wanted to buy them, and they fit my needs extremely well. The name for the build comes from the case, because Neo, and Matrix, get it?

Part Reviews


A very good processor for my needs, I do not need an overclocking enabled CPU so this worked great for me. My two favorite things are that it is a true quad core, and it comes with a stock cooler, which keeps costs down.


This does everything I need it to and more! Overclocking? Check. M.2? Check. SLI? Check. Four RAM slots? Double check. I picked this up for $109 on sale and it is very nice so far. It also has a nice orange lighting strip on the side that contains the IO.


A good choice, RAM is RAM, but this comes from a great brand and has a high clock speed. I was originally looking at the 2400 MHz model, but this went on sale and I picked it up for just $80. Looks good and works just as well.


I don't dislike this hard drive, I bought it a year before I built my PC and it works fine, it's just a little slow and has half the storage you can find for the price I paid a year ago ($50).

Video Card

This is my favorite part of my whole computer: Fast, quiet, cold, and good looking. This is exactly the part I had been looking for. I was originally going to buy the EVGA GTX 1060 SC 6GB, but I chose the RX 480 for a few reasons:

1)Crossfire. I know the RX 480 in crossfire may not be better then a single 1080, but I can buy one now and another later on when I get more money.

2)Freesync monitors are much cheaper than Gsync monitors.

3) DX12 and Vulkan performance. As new games come out, they will likely use DX12 or Vulkan and the RX 480 performs better than the 1060 in this regard.

4)Market share. Nvidia has more than 80% of the market share, and that means higher prices for all of us, the more people who buy AMD products the more gamers benefit, because prices will drop due to direct competition.

I was debating getting MSI's gaming x RX480, but the thermals were so similar it just came down to aesthetic preference, and with the blue LED fans in my case, a red card wouldn't have made much sense.


An amazing case for just $60, it has metal side panels with a nice big window on the left panel. It comes with 5 (Yes, 5!) pre-installed 120mm fans, configured as follows:

2 in the front,

2 in the top (with blue LEDs),

1 in the back,

It has plenty of room for cable management, a nice shroud for the hard drive bays and power supply, and extremely good airflow. It also has nice sound panel on the front of the case to help with noise levels. My only complaint is that 4 of the fans have molex connectors, which are kind of clunky, and are a pain to deal with aside from being pretty dated.

Power Supply

It's an 80+ bronze PSU, what more is there to tell? The minus one star is because the cords were barely long enough to plug into some of the components, but this would probably be an issue with many non modular power supplies.


Nothing special but it gets the job done.


Perfect! For $14 you get a nice, solid keyboard with a good layout, excellent key spacing, and a few bonus buttons which launch a music player, the windows file explorer, or the calculator .


Low profile, decent sound, and a headphone jack for a low price.


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+1 for good budget build, only thing is why would you buy an 8GB RX 480 to play games on a 1600x900 monitor?

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Because I already had the monitor and plan to add a 1080p free sync one as soon as I can afford it :p

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I just had to ask though.

+1 Anyway

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Thanks man!