This is my first gaming PC in over 16 years. I used to play when I was younger and have been playing Xbox ever since. I am no professional gamer by any means, but this system suits me well. I did a lot of research trying not to spend a whole lot of money but I definitely got my monies worth with this build. The CPU along with case fans provide a cool and quite running system. I don’t even notice it’s there. Only playing on this for a few days, I have not came across any issues or problems with any components. I went with the full Corsair case for max airflow and upgrade potential. So far so good.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Debated on going with the 150 but the 115 holds up well. Temps never go above 30. LED is also very easy to change.

Video Card

This is my first graphics card since building my PC. For what I know, this card works well. I did flip out when the fans wouldn't spin until I read that they only kick on when it reaches a certain temp.


This is a monster case. I bought it for more airflow but if you take out the HDD trays, you have much more room for aesthetics. Having numerous slots for cable management is also a plus when hooking everything up into your motherboard.


I was skeptical about buying this mouse due to the sniper button one the side. I worried about pressing it accidently when moving the mouse around. I actually re-mapped in and now use it as my aim. Having the features to take out the weights is nice. If you have a larger sized hand, this might not be the mouse for you.


Probably one of the best headsets I have ever owned. My other headsets usually constrict against my head and glasses but this one is so comfortable.


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