This originally had a R3 2200G and worked fine as an HTPC. I wanted to do some gaming and eVGA had GTX 980s for sale for $161 shipped and microcenter had R5 1600 for $75 after coupon so I spent my way into 1080P 120Hz gaming.

I originally picked up an Asrock B450M Pro 4 but got no POST or video output, just power cycles. I suppose it worked out since my grey market W10 license is tied to the mobo. I'm told to temper my OC expectations with this board due to terrible VRM and no VRM cooling, but I'm at 2 hours on OCCT @ 4GHz and 1.17 1.373 VCore @ 70C and I'm happy. The RAM is holding 3000Mhz; it was likely user error but I couldn't get it past 2166 with the R3 2200G.

It's outscoring my i5-4690K @ 4.3GHz + GTX 980 in Firestrike, I haven't had much success OC'ing the GPU but I'm taking a break while I stress test the CPU.

I took no time in managing/hiding my ketchup and mustard cables as the case has no display features. The board itself has an orange LED glow, and the GEFORCE GTX glows through a filtered intake but otherwise there's nothing to look at. I am considering the NR400 and a modular PSU if I need a visual upgrade.

Thanks for reading.

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It appears to hold my meager overclock but there is no VRM cooling. Documentation is terrible, the only reason I consult the manual is for the front panel pin diagram. For this board, it's not in the manual, you have to scan a QC code and then download a separate .pdf to hook up your cables.

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  • 11 months ago
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Core - 4.0GHz with 1.17V

Wow, that's the lowest voltage overclock on Ryzen I have seen on this site!


  • 11 months ago
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I'm an idiot. I don't know what I was looking at when I wrote 1.17V but it wasn't VCore. CPU-Z says Core voltage is 1.373.