This is my second build, I built the first one like 10 years ago with the budget around 300 dollars. I was planning to buy myself a decent build for more than 3 years, but earlier this year it happened, that I was left with a 4 years old notebook (HP 450 G1). Still okay, but there is more and more problem with it. This is my last year as a Bachelor student of Computer Engineering, so I can find tasks to differentiate my old notebook and this system.

I will be using it for: Light gaming (Rocket League, Overwatch, new AAAs) Java Backend / Android Development (IntellIJ, Android Studio, multiple dev servers)

I wanted a good price/performance machine, and not planning to buy a new one in the next 2-3 years for sure

All the prices are converted from HUF to $ directly, I bought everything (except OS) from Hungarian shops.

Running great since then (half a year now).

Some experience with games:

  • Forza Horizon 4 on Ultra: Fixed 60 FPS

  • CS:GO on Ultra, without Motion Blur: around 250 FPS

  • Doom (2016) on Max (OpenGL mode): 70-90 FPS

Part Reviews


  • 6 core / 12 thread, Solid IPC
  • Unlocked (can be overclocked)
  • Good enough cooler in the box
  • Can be upgraded to the upcoming Ryzen 3000s

This is a good buy until the new series comes.


Compared to other B450, mAtx, boards in this price range, it was an easy choice. It has good layout, nice cooled VRMs and Bridges. Matches the black-grey color scheme which is the only way in these cheap builds Its BIOS is totally fine as well. I was afraid of ASRock as a brand. But it is better choice than any cheap MSI or Gigabyte motherboard.


Simple factory OC'ed memory kit, works perfectly with my motherboard and CPU (it's not simple with Ryzen). Its exact model number: cmk16gx4m2d3000c16

This frequency-latency combo is somewhat the sweetspot for Ryzen CPUs (just google InfinityFabric, if you are interested). 3200Mhz tend to be a lot more expensive. CL15 is okay, but these motherboards default to even CL values (CL14, 16), and I did not want to tweak it much.

Just works.

Operating System

Its just a Windows. If you want to play games with the best possible performance, you must use it. Maybe 2-3 years later some Linux distro can be an alternative choice.

Wireless Network Adapter

Windows 10 recognized it during installation. Rock stable. Speed is enough for me, but not outstanding. It has green PCB, but as small as it can be. Not too bothering visually in my black-grey color scheme (see pictures). Its good budget option, I recommend it for sure


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