Built a PC purely to re-sell for profit. Wanted something that looks very flashy, while still performing good and staying under the $600 mark. WiFi / Bluetooth was a must.

Yeah, I know this PC has terrible part choices and pairings. No need to grill me, have already been grilled in Discord. :P

Aimed for good entry-level 1080p performance, so I went with the 3400G instead of the 3200G. A Ryzen 3 1200 and RX 570 would've been way over budget, even a RX 560 too.

The build went smooth, aside from a few cons that I'll detail in the part reviews.

Purchased this PC for about $600 + tax (about another $50), plan on selling it for $750 + shipping if purchased non-locally.

Part Reviews


Great APU. for 900p / 1080p, you can expect medium/high settings at 30fps on some demanding AAA titles. Runs cool, definitely would be worth it to overclock if you have a case with good airflow.

CPU Cooler

Love this cooler! Fan is very quiet, the box it comes in is minimalist, yet fits everything you need. Comes with MX-4 paste in a packet, and the fan has a splitter built in (along with extra clips in the box) so you could attach 2 fans if you wanted. Only negative I can think of is the fan clips, but they're barely an issue if you have finger nails or a pocket knife.


Good budget, Zen 2 ready motherboard. Comes with WiFi AC / Bluetooth 4.2 as well. The VRMs are well cooled, the board has a neutral look that'll match any PC. Plus, if you're crazy enough, you can crossfire two graphics cards if you wanted. The only reason I took off a star is because of the motherboard's absolute garbage RGB / A-Tuning software. You're better off controlling the RGB and everything else in the motherboard's BIOS. Which, thankfully, is actually quite good.


High quality, yet budget RAM. Good speeds and timings, the heatsink is made from a heavy metal, and the RGB looks very nice.


Great performing NVMe SSD for the price I got it at. It has a heatsink too, so you don't have to worry about temps. Windows boots in about 10 seconds, and is extremely snappy to use.


An extremely meh, average case. Fits a full-size micro ATX board, has cable management cutouts, and fits two 120mm fans. However, the cutouts are barely big enough for the usual Sata / Molex connectors, and I almost could not fit the 24pin cable through the hole. Even with the +4pin removed. Same thing with the 8pin CPU cable, almost could not fit. The Acrylic is insanely low quality and can be scratched if you breathe on it. Be sure to use purely M.2 storage with this case, since it's 3.5" and 2.5" options are absolutely terribly located. Aside from the quirks, at least it looks alright with some LED fans.

Power Supply

Bought this PSU for this build mostly for it's looks, price, and flat cables to help with management. It powers the PC fine, but thanks to my case choice, it restricts airflow and causes the PSU to get pretty warm under load. With the side panel off and direct air-conditioned airflow into the case, it doesn't get warm, but the fan is very annoyingly loud. Seems to ramp up / down based on load, and not actual temps.

Operating System

Is Windows 10 Home OEM, what can you expect?

Case Fan

Very satisfied with these fans. They are very cheap price-wise, but quality wise, they're actually quite good. They're nearly as quiet as Arctic's fans. These fans come with a fan hub that can fit up to 4, PWM fans on it, a Sata-powered RGB controller if you don't have a RGB header, the RGB connections daisy-chain so you don't need any splitters, and the RGB is very bright and colorful. Great deal.


Cheap, RGB mouse. Works great for the price, the lighting is definitely colorful and bright.


Budget, RGB keyboard. While the lighting effects are not software controlled, they are hardware controlled with an insane amount of effects and controls, so finding your niche will be easy. The switches are VERY loud and clicky too.

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  • 2 months ago
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Actually, you can control the rgb with software. Click the first option in the page I link.

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

Weird, I didn't see any software for the K552-RGB when I looked. Thanks!

  • 2 months ago
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Best of luck with the sale. Keep us posted when and if it sells.

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! I'll edit this post when it's sold

  • 2 months ago
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second hand ryzen 5 1400's go for 50 dollars on aliexpress and a second hand rx 480/580/570 on ebay is 75-90 dollars. Don't get me wrong this is a nice build, but i would have personally gotten a used rx 580 for 85 and a r5 1400 for 50 dollars. It would outperform this and be the same budget. You are correct in that selling a second hand computer without wifi is nearly impossible. nice build though!

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

I already know about the second hand options, just I would prefer stable part availability / pricing when going with new, instead of buying used, since I plan on turning this into a regular thing. You're not wrong though, second hand Ryzen 5 / RX 570 would've been great

  • 2 months ago
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I like this build, but going with a 3rd gen ryzen processor makes the motherboard too expensive, and updating the BIOS on most motherboards is a hassle. maybe go with a 1600 or 2600 to get the same performance and cheaper

  • 2 months ago
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The motherboard choice was only because it had built-in AC WiFi, and since it supported 3rd gen Ryzen anyway, was a plus. (At the time of purchase, the R5 2400G prices were hiked higher than the 3400G)