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Building your own PC and need ideas on where to get started? Explore our build guides, which cover systems for all use-cases and budgets, or create your own and share it with our community.

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Corsair Crystal 570X w/ H150i PRO RGB Build

Posted Jan. 31, 2018 by BoyScout

Our latest video brings together Corsair's latest RGB components -- from the H150i PRO CPU Cooler, to the LL (light loop) fans, and even the Vengeance RGB memory -- all inside the 4-sided tempered glass showcase that is the Crystal 570X. ...


Fractal Design Define R6 Live Build

Posted Dec. 20, 2017 by BoyScout

Check out our recent livestream on Twitch.tv or YouTube. This time we built with MSI's top of the line Z370 Godlike Gaming motherboard in the brand new Fractal Design Define R6.


BitFenix ENSO Live Build

Posted Nov. 16, 2017 by BoyScout

Watch our latest live build on Twitch.tv. This time we've got the new BitFenix ENSO case to build an Intel i5-8600K / GTX 1080 gaming system. We'll also be checking out ASRock's Z370 Killer SLI motherboard and DeepCool's new RGB version of the Captain 240EX CPU cooler. ...


NZXT H700i Live Build

Posted Nov. 13, 2017 by BoyScout

In our recent live build, we checked out NZXT's latest ATX case by building an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 / Radeon RX Vega 64 system inside of it, powered by one of SeaSonic's new Focus+ Gold power supplies. ...